Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Wonder of Rain. 7-31-11

Rosebud used to go for walk's with my dad in the rain...."Singing in the Rain", with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynold's is on of their favorite movies. Ah memories of the two of them make my heart swell.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Happy Birthday". 7-17-11

Happy Birthday Little she is 78 year's young. I am glad she is on the mend but she has certainly been through the mill this time. Sometime's those beautiful roses get some thorn's along life's highway.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Rosebud is sick!!!! 3-29-11

My little mom has has trouble with her heart...she is doing stress test's and probably will have to take preventative's for stroke's and heart attack's....getting older is sometime's difficult.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rosebud embroidered these darling dish cloth's about 62 year's ago....I have cherished them for year's but dont know what to do with them. I really need some idea's. Maybe someone could drop a hint or two for me on what to do with them.
Have a rosy day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sing sweet "Rosebud".

This little rosebud used to sing on a soap box when she was a small girl because she couldnt reach the microphone....but really she had such a high beautiful soprano voice she could ring out very loud for such a small little package. Here she is with life long friend's singing at her 60th Wedding Aniversary.
Oh my what a family little Rosebud has, and some are missing.
All the grandchildren alway's get hug's from the little Rosebud and of course a kiss on the cheek.
Here we have my two handsome son's Darryn and Dustin,my handsome nephew Chad, Little Rosebud, her honey (my daddy) another handsome couple of nephew's,Paul and Jesse.
Oh here I am with my sweet dear cousin Paula. Do you like the pumpkins? They were harvested at my house by me and my hubby. Nice hugh (other's were eating by my squirrel intruder Onion) we named him Onion because he would even eat our onion's.
Oh cousin's and sibling's that's what life is about... of course I am alway's goofing off (ADHD)
Oh my sweet little Rosebud how I love you and will alway's be proud to be "Rosebuds Daughter".

Friday, February 4, 2011

I have really been disapointed by my blog "Beautful Dee's" seem's like I dont have anything to offer...Maybe I will have a contest to have somone help me make a better blog...I go on other blog's and some blog's dont have as many follower's as I do but have alot more comment's....I am confused, some of my old blog friend's dont drop by ever..OUCH!!!! It really hurt's because I had become close to alot of them...or at least thought I councelor tell's me to reach out get friend's because I am lonely.

Maybe I should just put a band-aid on it and stop licking my wound's.
Do friend's really care???
My loneliness is caused by a broken heart!!!
I try so hard to be happy!!!
So afraid to open up and lose any one I have in my life.....trying to make sense of my 49 year's of there an explanation????

Oh dear I must be boring all of you by now (NO ONE) because really who care's???
My councelor tell's me there is a beautiful woman inside of me and much much more...I really wonder...for the first time in my life I am at a stand still and dont want to feel anymore pain.
Are we really our brother's keeper's? Or is this an adage like so many thing's are as adults.
If we pretend life is grand every day and put on a graceful display....maybe no one will know our true pain that goes on and on forever. I have alway's tried so hard to be okay and fit in...but it seem's to me that it really doesnt matter at all to anyone, I really have been so hurt in my life that I reach out for friendship, I pray to find a purpose in my existance before I am 55, if I make it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is a blog dedicated to my beautiful mom...who inspires me every day!!!! When I was a small girl she alway's had a hankie,these reminded me of my sweet littl "Rosebud". When she was a small girl her grandpa called her his little "Rosebud", she has lived up to her name...she was only 5 nothing now she has shrunk,but as beautiful as ever.